a world on the rise! Harmony, love, beauty, goodness and more is waiting just for you! Right now! Massages, beaches, swimming pools, sunshine! All that just for 399 gold pieces! So don’t hesitate! If you call right now, you will…..

Lord Redwick ripped the leaflet apart.

“This world is being eaten by love!” he shouted and turned his grumpy face at you. Then he added: “You don’t like it either,” scratched his eybrow, “Harmony!” he threw his arms to sides, causing his long, dark-blue coat to churn up. “Tell me now! Who in the whole of Reseroth lives in harmony?! All these good guys and helping hands!! We shall look into this, I tell you.”

Reseroth is an upcoming camapign, in which the players will play lawful evil characters. A classic good versus evil fight looses its purpose here. A world turned uspide down and nobody really knows what “good” is anymore.

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